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Falling into the Crusader faction of Clans, the Jade Falcons believe the Clan Dark Sharks to be a cowardly and dishonorable foe and believe the warriors lost at the sacred clan wars to be avenged. After dealing with Clan Gay Robot, Clan Jade Falcon's major concern is dealing with a new unknown menace, waiting until they make the first move only to respond by attacking in waves through a new technology. Join the movement and begin the next generation with us.

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Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 01:02 pm NEWS: Xbox 360's E3 demos on Live
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Well when I first heard this I couldn't believe it. Then again this blessing is another way for Microsoft to push the system. I am still eager to see what content is offered. I will be on May 8th through the 14th and note everything that microsoft throws on Marketplace and offer my opinions so stay tuned.

From article:

Tune Into Marketplace
Xbox Live Marketplace is the environment that brings Xbox Live Arcade into the home. Besides being home to the newest trailers, demos, game content downloads, and more, it will also play host to some of the hottest downloads from E3 2006. "It is our goal to bring E3 home to Xbox Live members as best we can, all the videos and the news as quickly as possible," vowed Peter. "We will give you the flavor of what's going on, on the show floor and some of the stuff that we are showing and debuting here."

E3 will be a real test for Xbox Live because everyone will be tuned into their Xbox consoles and continually downloading new content. "If we can get through Halo® 2, which we did, then I think we can get through anything."

Xbox Live members should be able to play many of the demos that even the celebrities will be testing out at E3. Steven Spielberg tried out Call of Duty® 2 last year at the Microsoft booth, and Peter says he is sure Spielberg has E3 already marked on his calendar. The movie industry and the gaming industry are moving closer together as more and more games are developed based off of films.

To read the rest go here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/news/events/e32006/articles/petermooreinterview-2.htm
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