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Falling into the Crusader faction of Clans, the Jade Falcons believe the Clan Dark Sharks to be a cowardly and dishonorable foe and believe the warriors lost at the sacred clan wars to be avenged. After dealing with Clan Gay Robot, Clan Jade Falcon's major concern is dealing with a new unknown menace, waiting until they make the first move only to respond by attacking in waves through a new technology. Join the movement and begin the next generation with us.

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Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 12:36 pm Misc: Thats right XBOX 360 can blog! WTF!!
Well if any of you haven't seen this already. Someone has come up with a program to make your xbox 360 post its own blogs...I started mine so hopefully it should start mumbling something in two days (that is the amount of time they say it will take before my little xbox will utter its first words) I will let you know when it finally gets going.

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